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Does the melody of the alarm clock affect the well-being of a person in the morning?

A couple of decades ago, back in the early 2000syears, we woke up to an unpleasant squeak or ringing alarm clock. Today, the alarm clock is even integrated into the cheapest smartphone and we have the opportunity to set a melody that will wake us up in the early morning. Someone prefers to wake up to calm songs, but lovers of a lot of sleep often try to cheer up while listening to loud and energetic music. But how exactly do calm and energetic compositions affect our emotional and physical state in the morning? Scientists from the Australian city of Melbourne began to search for an answer to this question.

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The results of their study werepublished in the scientific journal Plos One. In the scientific work, scientists studied the data of 50 volunteers, who in their profile indicated which tune is on their alarm clock. They also mentioned how much they feel bewildered and anxious upon awakening. As a rule, poor health in the morning is typical for many people, because for several minutes a person is in the so-called inertia of sleep. In this state, a person is between sleep and wakefulness and may have difficulty thinking and coordinating movements.

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The best melody for an alarm clock

The survey showed that people who wake up underrelatively calm musical compositions, experience fewer symptoms of sleep inertia. As an example of good music for an alarm clock, scientists cited the song “Good Vibrations” performed by The Beach Boys. At the same time, volunteers who preferred to wake up to energetic music woke up much harder. The reason for this may be that sharp sounds can frighten a sleeping person and temporarily disrupt the functioning of his brain. A calm melody, in turn, allows you to wake up more smoothly.

And which alarm clocks do you like more - standard ones, or those installed in smartphones?

Researchers emphasized that the resultstheir research is especially important for people who need to be vigilant immediately after waking up. For example, such people include workers in the rescue services and the police, who can suddenly be awakened and called to work. Representatives of these types of professions are now advised to put calmer melodies on the alarm clock.

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In general, based on the results of this scientificwork, it turns out that for many years people just tormented themselves by waking up to an unpleasant squeak and the sound of electronic and clockwork alarms. Now, with a smartphone and a good musical taste, morning awakenings can be more enjoyable.