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Doctors manage to remove a tumor from the neck of a patient the size of a soccer ball

Diagnosis of 81-year-old pensioner from New JerseyMilton Wingert was first confirmed in May 2019 when a cancer tumor that had the size of a ping-pong ball suddenly grew to the size of a soccer ball. Pleomorphic sarcoma or a malignant tumor of bone tissue can develop in blood vessels, in adipose, muscle or nerve tissue, rapidly increasing in size. Despite the fact that osteosarcoma is considered a relatively rare disease, approximately half of all cases occur in children and adolescents under the age of 20 years. Survival in this serious disease is about 70 percent in case of timely treatment.

American doctors manage to remove a tumor the size of a melon, threatening to strangle an 81-year-old patient

According to, a malignancy on the neck threatened to kill the patient due to their size and weight, which was about three kilograms.

Largest cancer

When Milton Wingert's tumor grew tothe size of an apple, a man asked doctors to remove the neoplasm, however, surgeons found the operation too uninhibited for the patient’s health, since the tumor formed around the carotid artery, which supplies the brain with blood. Failure to remove a hazardous formation could result in rupture of a key blood vessel.

Milton Wingert tumor before surgery

Despite doctors failures, Milton Wingertcontinued to go to different clinics, although the tumor continued to grow more and more. When the neoplasm grew to the size of a small melon, Wingert was referred to Dr. Nazir Khan, one of the leading surgeons at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Despite the doctor’s recognition that the patient’s tumor was the largest of all that the doctor has ever operated on, the surgeon still scheduled the day of surgery, which occurred on November 5, 2019.

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In order to almost completely removecancer, Khan took about 7 hours. According to the expert, his patient will not even need to reconstruct the damaged areas of the neck, which could be expected in the presence of a tumor of this size.

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Despite the fact that Wingert was very scared before the operation, at present the man is very optimistic and ready to continue conducting further therapy.