Doctors have named three simple ways to prevent the development of breast cancer.

British doctors say that according toAccording to statistics, breast cancer today among women aged 35-54 years is the leading cause of death. Every ten minutes in the UK, one person is given this deadly diagnosis. Scientists explain that a person cannot influence certain factors, such as age, gender, genetic predisposition, which increase the risk of developing this disease. However, doctors say, there are other provocateurs of oncology.

How to prevent the development of breast cancer?

Experts have voiced three ways to help protect themselves from the insidious disease:

  • Diet and alcohol. Switching to a healthy, balanced diet and reducing the amount of alcohol consumed can significantly reduce the risk of developing the disease, scientists say. The basis for a healthy diet should be vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes, olive and flaxseed oils, water and lean meat. If you constantly adhere to such a diet, then sometimes you can afford to roast, sweet and other not the most useful food. Increased alcohol consumption also increases the risk of breast cancer, so doctors advise to minimize its daily consumption, and even better to give up completely.
  • Changing environmental conditions. Some studies draw a parallel between the cumulative (total time) exposure time of the radiation background on the human body. For example, with various medical imaging techniques, such as computed tomography, high levels of radiation exposure are used, which also increase the risk of developing cancer. Doctors advise to reduce the number of requests for such diagnostics and use it only when absolutely necessary. In addition, British doctors recommend women to visit more environmentally friendly places, and those who have such an opportunity to live in nature next to the sea, greenery and mountains.
  • Birth control and menopause. Experts also advise women after 35 years to abandon birth control pills, replacing them with alternative methods of contraception. For advice on this issue should consult a doctor. In the same way, doctors recommend that you proceed with postmenopausal hormonal drugs that increase the risk of developing breast cancer due to the hormonal imbalance (increased levels of estrogen and progestins) in the body.

Major risk factors for breast cancer

Scientists identify three main factors:

  • If you are a woman. Experts note that in 99 percent of breast cancer cases, this diagnosis is made specifically for women;
  • Age. More than 80 percent of patients with breast cancer are women after the age of 50;
  • Heredity. About 5 percent of people diagnosed with breast cancer inherited this disease.

Main symptoms of breast cancer

In addition, experts have voiced the main symptoms that may indicate the possibility of developing breast cancer:

  • Change in breast size and shape;
  • Redness or rash in the periphery;
  • Nipple discharge when squeezed;
  • Swelling in the armpit or around the clavicle;
  • Seals in the area of ​​the breast;
  • Skin texture change;
  • Constant pain in the chest or armpits.

Experts advise to be very vigilant inthe question of identifying the possible development of breast cancer, and if you observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms, immediately contact your doctor.

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