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Doctors have described a rare case of hair growth inside a human mouth.

According to statistics, more than 75% of the populationRussia suffer from hair problems. For most of us, they begin to turn gray and fall out over time, but there are people in the world who suffer from their overabundance. Especially a lot of inconvenience a large amount of hair on the head and face gives women. In science, an excess of vegetation on the body is called hirsutism, and the reason for this phenomenon is considered to be an excess in the body of male hormones. As a rule, excess vegetation appears only on the skin covering our body, but in very rare cases, hair can grow even on the gums. One such case was recently reported by Italian researchers from the University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli."

In some cases, hair can grow in the mouth.

An unusual medical case was described inscientific publication Science Alert. It happened in 2009, when a 19-year-old Italian woman came to the doctors of the aforementioned university with a very unusual complaint. According to her, hair began to grow between her teeth, which interfered with her eating and generally caused discomfort. When examining the patient, the doctors really found cilia-like hair in her mouth and ultimately decided that they were dealing with the so-called gingival hirsutism.

Can gum hair grow?

After examining the medical literature, doctors found thatsince the 1960s, only five people had hair growth on their gums. It is noteworthy that all of them were men. Since researchers do not know how many people in history have had hirsutism of gums, the Italian who came to them can be considered the first girl with a similar anomaly. Doctors considered hormonal imbalance to be the cause of hair growth on the oral mucosa, so they removed the hair surgically and prescribed hormonal preparations to the patient.

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Most likely, the prescribed method of treatment for the girlreally helped, because she did not contact the institute for the whole six years. However, when she stopped drinking the prescribed pills, hair growth on the gums resumed and she was back in the hospital. Taking the opportunity, the doctors decided to examine her gums under a microscope and saw that the tissues of the girl’s mucous membrane of the mouth are denser than usual and real hair rods really break through them.

Growing hair found in the patient’s mouth

Researchers have suggested that since tissuethe oral mucosa are closely connected with the tissues that form our skin in the embryonic period of development, the possibility of hair growth in the oral cavity could be activated in a girl in the womb. However, scientists have not yet been able to test this theory, therefore, they are not able to answer the question of which people are subject to hair growth on the gums.

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As for the Italian, whose personality holds onin secret, she was prescribed another course of medication. It is known that two years after admission, she again went to the hospital with complications. The further fate of the unusual patient is unknown, but I would like to know if she managed to recover and whether the hair in her oral cavity affected the health of other organs.