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Do you want to become the first viewer of museum exhibits? Become right now

Archaeologists are constantly excavating in a variety ofparts of our planet. And during the work they now and then find antique objects. In most cases, scientists do not have enough time to study all the objects found, so all these finds are sent to museum warehouses. Except for archaeologists, almost no one has seen them, because they are either not of particular value, or they are not well studied enough to become full-fledged exhibits in museums. Recently, the staff of the Science Museum in London literally gave such objects a second life. They created a special site where you can look at millions of such exhibits in random order. There are indeed a lot of items available for viewing, but despite this, each exhibit is accompanied by a short description. The authors of our site have already spent enough time in this virtual museum. Now I'll tell you what you can find interesting there.

Today, getting to the museum is quite difficult. It's good that there are virtual museums

Virtual museum

The site in question is called Never BeenSeen. Created by the Science Museum in London, it contains photographs and short descriptions of 7.3 million museum pieces. Objects are shown in random order, immediately after opening the site. To look at it, you need to click on the blurred image in the middle of the screen. A photo of the exhibit with a short description will open in a new tab. The next museum object can be viewed by returning to the previous tab and clicking on "Another Object" at the top of the site. Basically, this is all you need to know about how the site works.

Never Been Seen website

Captures the fact that site userscan become the first people to see the displayed objects. Of course, not counting the museum staff, who took pictures of them and filled out a short description. The site contains photographs of ancient jugs, tools and documents. However, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, items of little value often end up in museum warehouses. They are also in the database of the site, but sometimes you can come across very interesting things.

Underestimated museum pieces

For example, what I came across at the firstsearch. At first glance, this exhibit looks like an old drum, but no. Based on the description on the website, this is a water bottle from 1856. It is mostly made of wood, but additional parts are made of metal. It was used by the military.

Wooden water bottle 1856

There are photographs in the museum's archives.The picture shown shows men standing next to huge cable reels and a classic Rolls-Royce car. Apparently, the photo was taken at the beginning of the 20th century. Only the location is unknown.

Vintage photo from the Never Been Seen website

Here is another interesting exhibit.Judging by the description, these are drifts used during the repair of the BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4 aircraft. It is customary to call punching tools for removing fasteners from a structure. In fact, this item is not that old. After all, the aircraft mentioned above made its first flight only in 2004.

Drifts from BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4

But the next exhibit is already truly ancient.The description states that the photo shows a female figure. Most likely, it was made in ancient Rome, around 200 BC. Terracotta - red fired clay - became the material for the production. In fact, in the photograph it appears that it is only part of the figure. The lower part is clearly broken.

Roman figure in the form of a woman

On the site, you can also stumble upon pages withseveral photos. I came across an exhibit in the form of a photo album called "Royton". It contains photographs of trams and omnibuses in the British Isles. For reference, it is worth noting that multi-seat carts with harnessed horses were called omnibuses. In general, it was something like modern buses. You can see all the photos at this link.

Photo album "Royton"

The Science Museum Londoncreate a really interesting site that can take several hours. If you find something truly amazing, share it in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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If the Never Been Seen site did not seem to youinteresting, I recommend reading the article about the most mysterious museum exhibits in the world. For example, it tells about a mysterious exhibit at the British Whipple Science History Museum. This is an invention of an unknown engineer, which is a box made of wood and metal alloy. The main element of the design is a mirror that can be turned with a special handle. What it is, scientists still do not know.