Do-it-yourself Sibling smart home: fast, convenient and without preparation

Is borscht easier? Can an ordinary housewife make a cozy house smart? Of course, yes, if distracted from the government! All jokes, but Sibling smart home systems from the very beginning were developed for self-installation by an unprepared user. On average, it takes 1-2 minutes to launch one device: unpack it, plug it in, open the application, plug it in and it all works. Among the quick-connect devices are smart sockets, surge protectors, smart bulbs, gas, smoke and leakage detectors, room intrusion control. In general, making a house smart and safe with Sibling is much easier than boiling borscht. And even more so for a rugged man.

Why let Sibling into your home?
The main advantage of a smart home system isthat it perfectly combines both aesthetic and functional enhancements. Moreover, both those and others do not require special skills for installation / operation. That's why the house is smart, to make our life easier, and not to crush with the power of our intellect. Simply put, Sibling is able to help you cook delicious borscht without letting the curtains burn with the iron and flood the bathroom.

Here is the main difference from othersbrands: Sibling is a complete ecosystem where devices work together, rather than individually. Let's say you are simultaneously cooking borscht in the kitchen, ironing things in another room, and collecting water in the bathroom (well, yes, you are a multitasker octopus in everyday life!). You need to devote more time to borsch, and you linger in the kitchen. At this point, the motion sensor gives a command to the smart socket or surge protector that there is no one in the room, and the system turns off the power to the iron.

How's the bathroom going? Have we flooded our neighbors yet? No, because they managed to shut off the water from the smartphone using the servo. By the way, its installation is no more difficult to use: put it on a regular ball valve and connect it to the application. You don't even need to call a plumber!

Uff, it seems the octopus crawled out of the risk zone.

Sibling on guard of property
Gastronomic salvation is, of course, good. But Sibling is also capable of seriously saving the good acquired by back-breaking labor. For example, having a security kit, sensors for opening / closing windows and doors and motion sensors in an apartment, you don't have to worry about your property. If you live in a private house with a large territory, you can expand this set with a camera - and everything will remain in a single application.

Your life is guarded by Sibling

Together with smart home devices, you canfeel safe, as well as be calm for their grandparents and loved ones who require special care. So the leakage sensor, smoke sensor and gas detector will help you to know about a potentially dangerous situation in time, and the already familiar servo will help close the leak. In the end, in the most emergency situation, you can de-energize the entire house with a smart machine.

Sibling will find a common language with everyone

Easy to install and use smart systemat home is the guiding principle of the brand. All that is required from the user is to connect the device to the network and activate it through the application. All information about your devices and their control will always be at your fingertips, in your smartphone.

Plus, all customers are supported byRussian language. Even if questions arise during use (for example, your grandmother), she can always contact the company's specialists, and they will tell her what to do. And they will also pump up the skill of handling electronic devices!