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Do I need to drink coffee to increase my creativity?

Many people after morning awakening.they brew strong coffee in order to better think and generally be more energetic. Some believe that after receiving a regular dose of caffeine, along with improved brain function, they also increase creativity. However, in a new study, American scientists found that caffeine is not able to enhance a person’s creative abilities and help him create fundamentally new ideas. They found this out by inviting a group of people to drink coffee and solve several problems in which it is necessary to show creativity, high speed of thinking and strong memory. Incidentally, we can try to solve these problems, too.

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The study and its results werenarrated in the scientific journal Consciousness and Cognition. 88 people took part in the scientific work, who were united by the use of coffee at least twice a day. Prior to the experiment, they were asked to refrain from caffeinated drinks, including both coffee itself and black tea, as well as all kinds of energy.


  • 1 How does coffee affect the brain?
  • 2 Creativity Test
  • 3 Test for thinking speed
  • 4 test for working memory
  • 5 How to improve the speed of thinking?

How does coffee affect the brain?

On the day of the experiment, volunteers were divided into twogroups. The first group of people drank 200 milligrams of caffeine in a capsule, and the second gave the same capsule with a placebo. Before drinking coffee and twenty minutes later, participants filled out a questionnaire in which they indicated how good their mood was. The interval between filling out the questionnaires was necessary because the effect of coffee arises in about 20 minutes. After evaluating their mood, the participants began to perform various tests.

Coffee can cheer you up, but the effect rarely lasts more than two hours.

Creativity test

During the first test, participants wereyou need to demonstrate your creativity. Volunteers were asked to write a list of unpleasant situations that a person who travels by land or air without any transport may encounter. The level of creativity was evaluated by how many options a person wrote and how much they differ from the options of other volunteers.

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Thinking speed test

In the second test, volunteersdemonstrated the speed of their thinking. They were given three words, between which it was necessary to find something in common. For example, they could be synonyms or painted in the same color.

Coffee will not help you become a genius, like the hero of the movie "Mind Games"

Working memory test

In the third test, the participants in the experiment hadyou need to maximize your working memory. They were given a list of different words, and then asked to remember words that belong to a certain category. For example, if the words cat, car, tree and dog were on the list, when highlighting the category “animals”, the participants should mention the cat and dog.

By the way, we have excellent material in which you can find out what consciousness is from a scientific point of view?

How to improve the speed of thinking?

As a result, it turned out that caffeine is capable ofincrease the speed of thinking. However, people who consumed coffee did not show much improvement in their creative abilities and working memory. So, drinking a few cups of coffee a day, hoping to quickly create new ideas and surprise others with a good memory, is definitely not worth it. Scientists explain the uselessness of coffee in improving creativity with the fact that brain activity in the so-called alpha range is responsible for creativity. And he, as shown by the results of past studies, is activated in a state of calm wakefulness. And caffeine is a stimulant that reduces activity in the alpha range and, logically, reduces creativity.

By the way, we have excellent material in which you can find out what consciousness is from a scientific point of view?

And let's do a test in the comments oncreativity? Now, not looking at the answers of other readers of our site, write a list of problems that a person deprived of transport may face on land and air. So we can identify the most creative of us. For example, a pedestrian can stumble over a stone, a car can move him, and he can simply get tired. Chased?

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