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DLR organizes artificial intelligence racing on drones. It would seem, where does Lockheed Martin?

Drone racing has not gained popularityso long ago, but artificial intelligence has already set out to get around people in this type of activity. Today, the Drone Racing League (DRL), one of the leading organizations that wants to turn drone racing into a new NASCAR, has announced a new competition for teams of people who will need to develop pilots in the face of artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the support of the aerospace giantLockheed Martin, DRL wants to attract developers from all over the world, including students and enthusiasts from the world of unmanned drones. They will have to create an AI capable of flying one of the standardized DRL quadcopters in complex races without prior programming or human observation. Teams will compete in the upcoming DRL season of 2019, racing against each other on the same racing tracks as human pilots.

Artificial Intelligence Racing

The first winning team to wina professional human pilot will receive an award of $ 200,000, and the total prize pool will be about $ 2 million. Will she succeed? In 2019, it is unlikely. Many institutes develop autonomous pilots for quadrocopters, but even the most advanced of them lose to professionals among people.

Some observers may ask whichis Lockheed Martin up to this project? After all, Lockheed is one of the world's largest arms manufacturers, and AI-controlled quadrocopters have long been the weapon of the future. AI drones could be used for surveillance and other purposes, and even greater fear is the possibility of artificial intelligence errors on the battlefield.

And yet, large corporations have a long history.initiating such competitions to develop ideas and search for talents. Teams can develop AI systems for racing, but these technologies have a dual purpose, so they can be redesigned for other purposes. Each team will receive a Lockheed mentor who will lead the progress, and perhaps among the prizes there will also be an invitation to work at Lockheed.

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