DJI super-power drone is not for sale, but is leased

Chinese company DJI specializing inthe production of unmanned aerial vehicles for video, brought to the market the latest most powerful and expensive model drone DJI Storm. The device, in view of the complexity of operation and high prices, is not for sale, but is being rented together with additional equipment and a service team.

Drone DJI Storm is equipped with 8 screws,providing carrying capacity up to 18.5 kg. The maximum speed of 80 km / h, which allows you to perform dynamic shooting with a professional camcorder Arri Alexa LF. Image stabilization provides a patented mechanism DJI Ronin 2, the price of which is 8 thousand dollars. Also, the DJI Studio service uses Force Pro remote control. Autonomous work DJI Storm with a load of 12 kg is designed for 15 minutes.

Currently, even in the most developed US cinema market, only one DJI Storm model is working.