Disposal of old electronics. Getting rid of a computer, printer or phone


Recently I was walking down the street and in a snowdrift not far from the back door of a chain supermarket I found

printer, it was thrown out as useless. I doubt that any of the residents dragged their old printer to the store, its origin in the snow was obvious to me.

But the problem is not that the printer was not brought togarbage cans, but that such equipment, in principle, appears in them. Electronics is recyclable, and in China you can see many small factories and workshops that extract useful parts from junk, give them a second life. A huge secondary market, while Russia lives so richly that we allow ourselves to bury things that can still last for many years.

Electronics are not always sent to the trash,who has served her time. Often these are things that are simply obsolete, and therefore we do not use them. And the number of grandparents is limited, it’s impossible to hand over something old to them. The idea arises that this electronics needs to be attached somewhere, it is desirable to properly dispose of it.

Let's start with the fact that we often misjudgethe need for certain things, how much they are in demand from other people. For example, about fifteen years ago there was a general fashion to give digital frames - a small screen on which you can rotate your photos, sometimes there is also a built-in radio. I was given more than a dozen of these frames, they differed in size, screen quality, but in my case they were useless, I just did not use them. Absolutely new digital frames, which I gave away left and right in those years, but still a part remained. After the next revision, I realized that I needed to get rid of them, left a few pieces for the collection, but with the rest I thought about what I could do.


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In Moscow, there are groups in the messengers "I'll givefree", they are usually created in certain areas, where you can offer things that you do not need. I think that in other cities the situation is similar, the only question is the amount of what other people offer. In addition to the offer in such a group, you can place an ad on Avito, set the minimum price, since it makes no sense to make a profit from this framework. Perhaps someone wants to treat themselves to a frame or find a use for it. I would like to believe that they will be useful to people, and will not become another dead weight.

Find a way, to whom and how to give the old, but workingtechnique, maybe. For example, our readers often ask this question directly, after which I have an expansion of the collection of old devices. Just recently I received several dozen phones and smartphones, and a number of other devices. I really hope that sometime in the future I will be able to create a museum for the collection of equipment that I have collected. But this is a big and complex business, costly in every sense, so for the time being I have postponed the idea until better times. It is possible that until retirement age, when it will be possible to calmly recall the past and tell visitors how different companies fought for market share, and at the same time developed technologies.

Please, let's take as a starting point thatit is definitely not worth getting rid of obsolete, but working equipment, throwing it away. In general, don't throw away your electronics, give it to those who need it. To do this, it is enough to place an ad on the same Avito (there, by the way, you can hide your data, so that your privacy is guaranteed).

Until recently, in Russia, she recruitedpopularity trade-in service: trade in your old phone and get a discount on the purchase of a new one. Then the company sorts the received devices and comes up with what to do with them, how to dispose of them. But don't throw it in the trash. And this is also the right approach.

If your electronics are definitely beyond repair or ordered to live for a long time, then you can take it to recycling points. For example, there are those in MVideo stores.

Bring and put in a box that which is no longer possible to reanimate. Cases from computers, old printers from my apartment ended their lives there.

Collection points are organized in large citiesenergy-saving lamps, batteries, old accumulators. By searching, you can find their addresses and working hours, then it’s enough to bring what you want to hand over to such a point.

In Moscow, the city authorities organized a freeremoval of old household appliances, for example, a refrigerator or a washing machine, will be taken from your apartment and not a penny will be charged for it. If you have a lot of old electronics (TVs, music centers), then there is already a paid service - 1,000 rubles for electronics weighing up to 150 kilograms.

It is clear that a company that recycles household wastetechnique, earns on parsing and for her it is an opportunity to get the right things for nothing. But you must admit that very often during repairs, the same washing machine or refrigerator that has worked for you for 15-20 years is simply sent to the trash. I don't feel sorry for them being taken away just like that. Especially if you did everything described above and no one took them for themselves. In any case, getting rid of large household appliances is much easier today than ever before. But, alas, not in small towns, where the problem remains exactly the same as thirty or forty years ago. Nothing changes, keeping collection points for old electronics is expensive and pointless.

I wholeheartedly recommend reading the book "Dump Planet" to understand how we litter our planet, and at the same time exactly how and where electronics are recycled. He described the book in "Spikers".

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We are responsible for what is happening around us.And I'm not trying to talk about the environment in general, life is made up of our actions and often laziness. Many people don't want to throw away batteries in collection bins, they're just too lazy! I'll tell you more than that, some of my neighbors are shaped pigs, they cannot carry garbage to the bins, they throw it into small trash cans that stand at the entrance. Their packages with leftover food, batteries, broken chargers simply do not fit in such trash cans, plus the birds drag food leftovers from there. You leave the entrance early in the morning, and in front of you is a still life - a torn bag and birds that have stolen garbage. Unpleasant.

And this story repeats itself about once everyhalf a year, a new tenant appears who decides to make it easier for himself to go to the trash can, save a couple of minutes. They calculate it by cameras, after the conversation the garbage usually disappears. Although there was a story with a principled comrade who began to litter like crazy. After all this was unloaded in front of his door, he stopped doing it. And, we must pay tribute, he wrote a note of apology to all the residents of the entrance.

These examples show that we are all learners, wewe can do the right thing and make life better. You just need to know how and where to do it. Yes, it's a bit more difficult than just throwing the same printer in the trash can. You need to spend a little more time on this. But I think that the feeling of moral satisfaction that you have done something right and useful is worth a lot.

The last thing I wanted to say.Very often in different cities of our country I met people who reasoned something like this: I’d rather throw away my thing than someone earn money on it and, possibly, sell it to someone. After all, giving a working thing into the wrong hands for free, I'm not sure that a person takes it for himself. Perhaps he is doing business on this, but this cannot be allowed!

Relax.It is unpleasant that you are being deceived and told that the thing is for personal use, but in fact it is a dealer, read - a junk dealer. But on the other hand, why not? You were not going to sell your thing, nothing changes for you. The main thing is that she will get a second life, and if a person can find a buyer, then honor and praise be to him.

Tell us what you do with old electronics. Keep at home? Recycle? A survey of our readers showed that much more could be done in this area.

The survey can be found here

Please be sensible people and dispose of your old equipment properly. Don't be lazy! And, you see, our life will become a little better. Thanks to everyone who does the right thing!

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