Disney Creates Real Retractable Star Wars Jedi Lightsaber (Video)

In the 2022 launch commercialyear at the Walt Disney World Recreation Center project "Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser", Disney showed a working prototype of the Jedi lightsaber, which extends and hides with one press of the user on the control button.

Except for a short video, Disney does notprovided no lightsaber specifications. Therefore, fans of the Star Wars universe will have to wait another year or so to be able to “learn the art of using a lightsaber,” as the advertisement for “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” says. Visitors to the amusement park will spend two days in an atmosphere as close as possible to the universe created in the "Star Wars" epic.

However, fans of the space saga were not used to passively waiting and created a 3D simulation that describes the alleged mechanism of operation of the mysterious Jedi sword shown in the Disney teaser.

Cartoon dynamic 3D scheme of workThe lightsaber was posted on Twitter by @benridout, under which virtual reality developer Ben Ridout is hiding. In the description of the video, it is said that the principle of operation of a standard measuring tape with a steel blade that can bend and hide in the body can be used in the sword.

The user suggested that the Disney engineerscould place two tape measures so that their canvas is pulled out with the back side towards each other. The tops of the tape of the tape are connected by a hemispherical cap, to which an LED strip is connected in the center. Instead of steel blades, the Disney lightsaber can be opted for a translucent plastic that transmits light from the LEDs. The plane of the canvas is curved and, when combined, forms a circular cross-section.

Thus, there are three coils inside the hilt.(two for the blade and one for the LED strip), as well as, according to Ridout's assumption, a battery, a miniature electric motor and electronics that control the process of extending and retracting the blade. As far as the designer's assumption turned out to be correct, the Star Wars fan community will only find out in 2022 after the launch of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser project.

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