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Disney has created the most realistic robot ever. But why is he scary anyway?

The times when Disney was onlythe creation of children's cartoons, passed. Today she makes films, TV series and even develops her own robots. In the Disneyland amusement park, there are many robots in the form of various characters. For example, there you can look at the robotic captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean". Only here he terrifies some visitors, because he is very similar to a person, but at the same time his movements are very abrupt and unnatural. To prevent humans from loathing robots, engineers at Disney Research are trying to make them even more human-like. They recently showed the most realistic robot they've ever created. He, just like a living person, knows how to maintain eye contact with others and has highly developed body language. But look at the video inside the article - why do you think he is fearful anyway?

At the moment, the robot looks like this, but its realism is completely different.

Robots in Disneyland are more correctly called animatronics... These are the mechanisms that mimic the movements of living things in films and theme parks.

What is the Sinister Valley Effect?

The new robot was featured on the Disney blogResearch. Disney has long been developing its own robots. Indeed, in addition to releasing cartoons, films and TV series, she owns a huge Disneyland, inside which there are many rides with robotic characters. Most of them have a "cartoonish" appearance and visitors do not feel any discomfort around them. But next to the aforementioned robot in the form of Captain Jack Sparrow, people have a so-called sinister valley effect... So it is customary to call the emergence of disgust and fear at the sight of a humanoid robot that performs movements unnatural for real people.

A robot can just pay attention to a personor seriously interested in them. In the first case, he simply turns his head towards the person and examines. In the second case, he begins to look at the person with great interest and activates saccades... The so-called fast and strictly coordinatedeye movements that you may notice in another person when you interact with them. Next time, pay attention to the eyes of the interlocutor - they will definitely make sudden movements and this is completely normal. Usually, these movements mean that the person looks into your eyes and mouth from time to time. Created by the Disney engineers, it also looks into these parts of the face from time to time, making it seem less creepy and more human.

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But it's still far from ideal - the creators of the robotadmit that he can still be terrified. This happens when a person gets too close to his face. Typically, people will slightly squint their eyes because they are trying to focus. This does not happen for a robot, and it seems to be looking into emptiness. Most likely, the developers are already trying to solve this problem. But when exactly the created robot will become ideal is still unknown. It is logical to assume that he will appear in Disneyland only when he is fully ready.