Disclosed the technical parameters of 7 nm graphics cards from Intel

Speaking at the SuperComputing 2019 Conference fordevelopers, one of the leaders of Intel Corporation, senior vice president Raja Koduri described in detail the features and technical specifications, announced a month ago, Intel video cards created on the Intel Xe proprietary architecture and manufactured using 7 nm technology. Koduri also opened the curtain on the timing of market entry of video processors, which are planned to be presented in three model lines.

Introducing the first 7 nm graphics card, whichdubbed Ponte Vecchio, an Intel spokesman noted that its main task is to conduct high-performance computing (HPC) and work in machine learning systems. Ponte Vecchio will be installed on the next-generation Aurora supercomputer. The video card will include 16 chipsets in Intel Foveros 3D packaging, and communication between the crystals will be carried out using EMIB (Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge) semiconductor bridges. When the video card is used, high-speed memory HBM and high-speed interface CXL (Compute Express Link) will be used.

The main feature of the new graphics cardsusing Xe architecture will become scalable microarchitecture. The corporation's future plans include the launch of Intel Xe LP (integrated and discrete entry-level, low-power) and Intel Xe HP (discrete mid-range graphics cards for enthusiasts, data centers and artificial intelligence systems).

Intel Xe graphics cards HPC that detailintroduced Koduri, will be designed exclusively for high-performance computing and will hit the market in 2021. The Xe HPC architecture provides for the use of a large amount of unified Rambo cache memory that integrates multiple GPUs. This will create peak steady-state floating-point performance in dual-precision workloads, providing tremendous bandwidth.

Koduri also emphasized that Intel graphics cards forThe consumer market will use 10 nm technology on the Xe architecture, and 7 nm video processors will be used for high-performance solutions.

Source: wccftech