Disassembly of the “pocket” PlayStation Portal revealed a weak chip and difficulties with repair (video)

During a recent review of PlayStation Portal, there wereIts hidden problems have been discovered, including an underpowered chip that could ruin hopes of turning the device into an emulator through modding. The video, directed by Jacob R., shows the complex disassembly process, which also hints at possible repair problems in the future.

Designed to be a device focused onremote play, PlayStation Portal does its job well, which is emphasized in the review. However, disassembly indicates limitations in modding capabilities and repairability, which calls into question the adaptability and durability of the device.

PlayStation Portal is currently focused onto a specific audience, but in the future Sony plans to expand its capabilities by supporting cloud streaming. Although the device is currently only sold in select regions due to high demand, its performance and capabilities are sparking debate about its role in the portable gaming space.