Disassembled Xiaomi Mi10 Pro revealed some technical specifications of the smartphone (5 photos)

Before the presentation of the flagship Xiaomi Mi10 Pro remaineddays, however, insiders have almost completely declassified all the technical characteristics of the smartphone and the features of its appearance. One of the most knowledgeable insiders is a Twitter user named Xiaomishka. In his last message, the enthusiast "climbed" inside the smartphone, which made it possible to clarify some of the characteristics and confirm the previously provided information about the properties of the gadget.

According to the famous insider maternalThe smartphone’s board received a two-layer structure that provides effective heat removal during high-performance operation, which is ensured by a combination of copper and graphite. Between the layers is a temperature sensor.

Enthusiast also notes the availability of wirelesscharging and speaker at the top. The fact that the disassembled smartphone is precisely the Mi10 Pro model is confirmed by the number of sensors in the main camera unit. The presentation of the new pair of flagships Xiaomi Mi10 Pro and Xiaomi Mi10 will be held on February 13.