Disable any drone can now Russian gun REX-2 (3 photos + video)

Unmanned aerial vehicles by all meansexpanded the capabilities of the armies of the world, with their participation can be carried out as reconnaissance actions, and defeat individual targets without the participation of the pilot. But as a response to the appearance of this type of weapon, there is another logical one that is created to fight the UAV.

Such a product was presented by ZALA AERO as a new version of the REX weapon. It is shown at the International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2019" called REX-2.

Modern gun compared with the first sampleThe generation has become lighter and more compact and weighs only about three kilograms. The device package includes suppression modules operating in frequencies from 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz, and the battery charge indication controls the level of remaining energy. The frequencies of suppression are adjusted according to the needs of the customer, as in the previous version.

If necessary, or at the request of the customer, you can install additional equipment on the REX-2 rifle: DVR, strobe, laser and sight.

The results of laboratory studies have shown the high quality of the functionality of the REX-2 system. The level of electromagnetic radiation is noted within the limits of permissible values, and the product is recognized as safe.