Direct neurostimulation will help with epilepsy and protect against depression

Various processes taking place in our headthe brain, despite a fairly good understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the organ, is still a mystery. In particular, this applies to a condition such as epilepsy and various disorders of the psycho-social sphere. In this case, there are many pharmacological preparations, but they do not always give the desired effect. And recently, a group of researchers from the United States conducted a very interesting work, according to which the direct electrostimulation of certain areas of the brain can help with epilepsy and save from depression.

Current publication writes about a very interesting workBiology. According to available information, 25 people suffering from epilepsy took part in the experiment. During a special surgical operation, electrodes were implanted into people in the frontal lobe of the brain (and more specifically, in the area of ​​the lateral orbitofrontal cortex, located just above the eyes), which were supposed to reveal areas of the brain responsible for the presence of seizures.

As a result, it turned out that almost everythingthe test subjects almost immediately after connecting the electrodes declared “pleasant sensations”. Those people who showed signs of depression did not have a trace of them. In addition, patients did not experience a single symptom of epilepsy. Moreover, immediately after the cessation of exposure, all negative symptoms returned. In order to verify the correctness of their assumptions, the experts reconnected the electrodes in the same area and obtained identical results to the previous ones.

At the moment, on the implementation of the procedure in a widemedical practice is out of the question, however, the data obtained can help develop new methods of treatment based on the so-called “deep stimulation of brain structures”. In addition, there are methods for transcranial stimulation of the brain (i.e., non-invasive effects). Therefore, information about the areas that are responsible for certain processes is nevertheless extremely useful for the treatment of a number of diseases of the central nervous system.

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