DIPLE device turns a smartphone into a microscope with 1000 magnification (3 photos + video)

The capabilities of modern cameras on smartphones canexpand to unprecedented limits and use everyday mobile devices as super-powerful microscopes. This concept is offered by the startup SmartMicroOptics, which achieved success three years ago on Kickstarter with Blips devices for photographing the microworld using smartphones. The updated concept offers a DIPLE device that allows you to achieve an image magnification of 1000 or more times.

This time the company is working on siteIndiegogo and positions the new DIPLE device as a powerful microscope for any smartphone, allowing you to conduct research previously available only in laboratory conditions.

Preparing for microphotography with a DIPLE deviceIt takes literally a few seconds. Photographs of the microscopic world are taken in HD resolution. Overall dimensions of the device 176 x 100 x 40 mm (optical resolution 1 μm) can be used in conjunction with any smartphone camera models.

DIPLE device is hermetic, which allowsshoot in a clear liquid. In addition, the DIPLE design uses a modular principle, which allows you to quickly replace lenses with more powerful ones or replace worn accessories. It is noteworthy that the price of the device is below $ 100. The case is made of metal, which will ensure the safety of the device even when dropped from a height of 10 meters.

The DIPLE lens kit is divided into threemodifications. The basic DIPLE RED guarantees an optical magnification of 35 times (resolution 3 μm, field of view about 1 mm). You can consider the simplest organisms. DIPLE GRAY provides 75x optical magnification with a resolution of 1 micron - which allows you to observe bacteria or cells. The DIPLE BLACK modification provides 150-fold optical zoom with a resolution of 0.7 / 0.8 microns, which allows you to see the structure of the cell or bacteria.

The data obtained during macro photography on DIPLE can then be processed using the digital zoom of a particular smartphone, which provides 1000 or more times the image magnification.

Upon successful completion of the project at IndiegogoThe company plans to begin production of DIPLE devices this month, and the delivery of the first microscopes for smartphones to users will begin in the middle of the year.

Source: indiegogo

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