Digital scans made in 2015 will help restore the burnt down Notre Dame de Paris

Devastating flame that raged in850-year-old cathedral in Paris, took control. The cathedral burned down almost to the ground and will be “closed for restoration”, which will require an indescribable amount of money and, according to experts, will take 40-50 years. Donations for the restoration of the famous Notre Dame de Paris come from all over the world, but there is something else that will help restore the cathedral to its former glory: a 3D map, digitized three-dimensional scans of the building.

How will recover Notre Dame de Paris

An exact digital copy of the building was captured.architecture historian (now deceased) Andrew Tallon in 2015. He used lasers to map the entire cathedral, measuring the time it takes the laser to reach the target and return to the point of creation to create an extremely accurate image. The process itself, he described in the video:

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Scans that the historian has carefully captured with his laser will be critical to any future recovery efforts.

French President Emmanuel Macron is leading enormous efforts to raise funds for the restoration of Notre Drama. Hundreds of millions of euros have already been donated, thanks to some of the richest families in France.

What will need to be restored? First of all, the spire of the cathedral, built in 1860: it collapsed during a fire. The roof also suffered considerable damage: during its construction, the tree was used as early as the 1160s, it is one of the oldest roofs of its kind in the world. Fortunately, many of the objects inside Notre Dame were rescued by firefighters - about 400 firefighters were thrown to extinguish the architectural monument.

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