DeWalt has added a USB-C port to its cordless tool system

The well-known manufacturer of electric tools, the DeWalt company, has released a special adapter for its

battery system that allowsonly use the USB-C PD port for charging, but also can provide power tool battery as a power source for mobile devices. The DeWalt DCB094 USB Kit on offer charges any compatible DeWalt 20V battery pack, from the simplest 1.3Ah batteries to the largest 15Ah batteries that can fully charge a laptop more than three times. Using the battery with a USB-C charging adapter can in some cases even charge high-capacity batteries faster than mains chargers. USB DeWalt DCB094 provides 100W charging on both input and output port.

As noted, the next step on the wayoptimizing the use of power tool batteries could be to move away from proprietary chargers entirely and switch to charging power tool batteries using USB-C PD ports.