Device for water purification on a wireless charge (video)

Getting clean drinking water becomes oneof the most pressing tasks for modern man. On the kickstarter resource, developers from the Mahaton startup presented the unique Mahaton Bottle device, which is a bottle that allows you to destroy up to 99.99% of bacteria using ultraviolet radiation.

The aim of the project is to reduce the use of water bottles made of environmentally hazardous plastic. Mahaton Bottle is made of stainless steel with an environmentally friendly plastic cap.

Disinfection of water inside the bottle is done withusing mercury-free UV-LED technology. During water sterilization, ultraviolet light is reflected from the polished inner surface of the bottle. After going through the purification process, the water also loses an unpleasant odor.

To start the process of water purification should simplyPress the switch at the top of the bottle. The time required for disinfection takes no more than 90 seconds. This technology is used by NASA to sterilize space gloves and to purify drinking water for astronauts.

Appearance and design of Mahaton BottleDesigned by UK designers. The bottle works offline, and wireless recharge is used to replenish energy. The bottle can also be used as a thermos - a thick-walled vessel maintains the temperature inside the bottle for up to 5 hours for a long time. The cost of a Mahaton Bottle on kickstarter is $ 44.

Source: kickstarter