Developed a prosthesis simulating sensitivity (video)

The main goal in the rehabilitation of patients with lostlimbs is the return of people with disabilities to a full life, the creation of conditions where the victim will not experience the slightest discomfort present when wearing standard prostheses. Specialists from Switzerland offer new models of prostheses that can return to the patient a variety of sensations transmitted using the built-in sensors.

The experiment was conducted at a higher technical schoolZurich, where a prosthetic leg was created with built-in electrodes connected to sensors located at the base of the artificial foot. The electrodes associated with the nerve endings of a person in the tibia muscle, when moving the patient, transmit various pulses from the sensors.

The prosthesis of the company was chosen as the baseOssur, which already has built-in position sensors and a microprocessor. An additional 7 sensory sensors were placed on the surface of the prosthetic foot. When moving, a person receives feedback and feels a lost limb, which will provide better orientation when moving and make it easier to get used to the prosthesis.

Source: engadget