Developed a biodegradable "plastic" of ... potatoes

In the oceans alone, for variousestimated that there is up to 8 million tons of plastic. And this is not taking into account the plastic landfills on land. We have already written that plastic can be much more harmful than we think, but so far humanity has not come up with anything better than recycling. That all the same does not save us from a huge amount of waste. However, developments in the field of creating biodegradable plastic are underway and quite recently a very interesting technology has been presented for the manufacture of plastic from potato starch.

Immediately it is worth noting that the developmentThe technology is not a huge group of scientists, but one of the students at Lund University (Sweden) named Pontus Tarnqvist. The invention was presented in the contest The James Dyson Award. This is an international award in the field of industrial design and engineering design, established in 2004. Students and young scientists from around the world take part in it.

A new type of plastic was quite logicalPotato Plastic, and the creation of a student’s biodegradable material was inspired by a large number of reports that plastic particles were increasingly found in the blood and gastrointestinal tract of various animals. To solve this problem, Pontus Ternquist decided to make a material based on potato starch and water.

A set of canteens was made for the competition.devices that in appearance very strongly resemble ordinary disposable plastic spoons, forks and knives. Yes, these are test samples and they do not look very attractive, but no one bothers to use, for example, organic dyes to impart a uniform color.

The main advantage of Potato Plastic is thatit decomposes within 2 months into its constituent parts - water and starch, which do not bear any danger to the surrounding flora and fauna. Naturally, the new technology is suitable not only for the creation of cutlery, but also for the most different plastic containers.

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