Determined the cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max (5 photos)

Apple Gadget Fansalways strive to get complete information about the newly created iPhone devices. The new iPhone 11 Pro Max, which passed rigorous tests for strength and maintainability, did not escape numerous tests. It’s the turn to evaluate the cost price of a rather expensive device for the buyer.

TechInsights enthusiasts become regularresearchers who disassembled the iPhone 11 Pro Max for details. After assessing and summing up the price of smartphone component parts, the net cost was estimated at $ 490.5. It is noteworthy that last year's iPhone XS Max received component parts for a lower amount of $ 443, but the difference between the price of retail delivery and the cost of components is doubled. The basic model of the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs the buyer $ 1,099.

The most expensive components that make upalmost half the cost of steel was a triple main camera, estimated at 73.5 dollars, a screen that costs 66.5 dollars and a new A13 chip for 64 dollars.

It should be noted that TechInsights enthusiastscalculated the net cost of components. This means that the cost of assembly, packaging, transportation, advertising, research and engineering is not taken into account when designing a smartphone.

Source: techinsights