Details about the new payment sticker "Tinkoff" became known

The Tinkoff Pay payment sticker has a built-in NFC chip for contactless payment. It can be configured via

bank mobile app:set a pin code, transaction limits, replenish the balance. And in the future, it is planned to add a choice of an account or a card from which money will be debited when paying with a sticker, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the head of Tinkoff Cashier Sergey Khromov. If necessary, the sticker can be re-pasted from one device to another, and additional adhesive strips will also be included. At the same time, when choosing a place for gluing, for the sticker to work correctly, it is worth considering the design features of different phones, for example, a built-in NFC chip or magnets.

Also, if you stick a sticker under the phone case,then its performance will depend on the material and thickness of the cover. The sticker does not have to be attached specifically to the phone - if you wish, you can choose any item for it. The bank promises that the sticker will not deteriorate if it gets wet. It has been certified by the NSPK, which includes environmental testing. From the point of view of the safety of funds, it is safe to use a payment sticker, since transactions over 1000 rubles, as a rule, need to be confirmed with a pin code. To further protect themselves, the bank advises setting a spending limit for a month or a day and setting limits on transactions in a mobile application. “In case of loss, the sticker can be blocked and reissued,” the agency quotes Sergey Khromov.