Destroys the grass while you cook the barbecue: robotic lawnmower

Many summer residents perceive grass mowing as an inevitable procedure. To do this, you need to check the mower, blades (fishing line), pour gasoline or check the insulation - depending on the model.

Depending on the area of ​​the site, mowing can take several hours.

But the creators of the Yard Force NX60i mower decided to make life much easier for summer residents and released a “smart” mower with artificial intelligence.

You can choose the time and period of work, as well as the heightlawn mowing (from 20 to 60mm), and the built-in iRadar ultrasonic sensor will not allow the device to chew on your beloved cat or crash into a bench. In fact, it is a radar that detects and analyzes obstacles in the way of the robot. There is a tilt and collision sensor. The mower can be connected to Wi-Fi for smartphone control.

The robot is so smart that it stops working when it rains and returns to the charging station.

Also on the Yard Force there is a special button for an emergency stop in case of unforeseen situations.

Everything would be fine, but there is a question:where does the cut grass go? This is where the biggest drawback of the robotic lawnmower is revealed. The Yard Force NX60i is compact and the grass container is also small. You have to clean it with your own hands. A controversial decision that needs to be improved, but in general the technology is interesting.