Designers are not needed? The neural network can now arrange the furniture in your apartment

If before neural networks were considered somethingoutlandish, many now have access to such tools. Moreover, this industry is developing at an incredible pace: most recently, neural networks learned to draw pictures, and now they give out masterpieces of world art (and are even able to write a play!). Therefore, it is quite logical that a person decided to use artificial intelligence not only for new discoveries, but also to simplify everyday tasks.

This time designers are left without workinteriors - one of the French developers taught the algorithm to create floor plans with furniture arranged in them. He took the pix2pix algorithm as the basis, which is capable of transforming the user's sketches into photorealistic portraits. Having finished it, the developer had at his disposal a tool that he himself creates a floor plan and even arranges furniture.

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How does a neural network - the designer

First, the neural network creates a vertical projectionbuilding, then on its basis takes the outline of the room and puts on the plan of the window and the entrance. Then the neural network itself marks out the plan of the room, as well as the walls and openings between them. It is noteworthy that the AI ​​understands the fact that the rooms are divided into types - for example, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom.

At the final stage, the neural network adds toapartment furniture, but not thoughtlessly: for example, a table for dinner will definitely be in the kitchen and not in the bedroom, and the toilet bowl will be in the bathroom. The developer does not specify where he got the data for this, but stated that the model was trained on pairs of source and end images: first, the neural networks "showed" pictures and photos of the room without furniture, and then the same room, but already furnished furniture. Thus, the neural network learned the skill of the designer.

So that the neural network can draw floor plans andto arrange furniture, the developer trained her on building data in Boston from a publicly available system. To create a contour, the AI ​​takes data on more than 800 apartment layouts.

Design your home using a neural network!

Since the creator of the algorithm developed it inAs part of his master’s thesis, he published an online version of the model that anyone can try. True, this requires a powerful computer. Try, for example, to design your home - very interesting.

Would the neural network be trusted to design their apartment, or would they prefer the “human” option? Share in the comments and in our Telegram-chat.