Designed the easiest gun. How many parts are there?

Technology does not pass by weapons industry -not so long ago, for example, the American company Radetec showed a Glock smart pistol with an OLED display and additional sensors, like a store indicator and the number of cartridges. Their colleagues from Gill Arms decided to take a different path and, on the contrary, developed the simplest pistol in the world. It consists of only 25 parts, which is incredibly small for a device of this type.

GPR-9M weighs only 836 grams, whileequipped with a magazine with a capacity of 17 rounds (caliber 9 × 19 millimeters) and a number of safety mechanisms that make it possible to shoot only when you press the trigger. The length and height of the gun is 196 millimeters and 139 millimeters, respectively, which makes the weapon not only simple but also compact.

Now one of the most common pistolsGlock 17 is considered to be in the world, which consists of 33 parts. The new gun may well be his successor: the simpler the design of the weapon, the simpler its mass. In addition, such a gun is easier to maintain and clean.

By the way, the world's first printed onMetal gun 3D printer - Metal Gun, also consists of 33 parts. The gun is built on the basis of the classic 1911, made of stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy Inconel. Nylon handle reinforced with carbon fiber. The barrel of the gun maintains an internal pressure of more than 20,000 psi.

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