Designed material to create "eternal" tires and sneakers

Recovering body parts, clothes and shoes onThis moment seems to be something fantastic, but scientists are trying with all their might to make the impossible real. More recently, they managed to grow an amputated finger of a mouse, and now a group of scientists from the University of Southern California has come up with a material that is able to independently restore its structure. It is believed that it is perfect for the manufacture of tires, soles of shoes and even parts for robots.

The material is intended for 3D printers,printing by photopolymerization. This term refers to the use of light to give a liquid resin a solid form. Recovering properties occur during chemical reactions involving thiols. Interacting with oxidizing agents, they turn into disulfides, which are able to restore their original form after damage.

Unfortunately, the presence of disulfides slows downsolidification of figures, so it was important for researchers to find the optimal concentration of substances. After several attempts, they managed to achieve the best balance of self-healing properties and solidification time.

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Making items from the resulting materialtakes only a few tens of minutes, depending on the size. After mechanical damage, the material restores its structure in just a few hours. It is noteworthy that with increasing temperature recovery occurs much faster.

Researchers intend to continue work on improving the material. They want to achieve that its strength allows you to create body armor, which are restored even after the bullets hit.

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