Design Samsung Galaxy Note 10 revealed by press renders (4 photos)

An official has just been demonstrating the capabilities of the expected Galaxy Note 10. And now the press renders of the future news are available. They were published by Roland Quandt, a reputable insider from Germany.

So, the Galaxy Note 10 has a rectangular case withthe display is almost borderless. Only one front-facing camera was built into the development, placing it in a modest but visible opening in the display in the center at the top of the panel. On the reverse side, in the upper left corner, there is a triple camera. Most likely, the Galaxy Note 10+ will have a block of 4 modules.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 colors will begradient. The back cover will be poured from silver to blue, green and purple hues. What are the colors of the digital pen is unknown. On the render, the S Pen is shown in blue.

According to the insider, the version will also be availableGalaxy Note10 with a 1 TB flash drive, but there will be no memory card slot in this modification. Samsung Galaxy Note 10, along with other new products from Samsung plan on August 7.