Design, features, price - Apple Watch Pro details on the eve of release

Apple's big presentation will take place very soon - September 7th. The event will feature

iPhone 14 series smartphones, iPad tablets,AirPods Pro 2 and Apple Watch 8. A special version of the watch, the Apple Watch Pro, is also expected to be shown. Ahead of the release, 91mobiles published renderings and shared other information about the model. According to these data, Apple Watch Pro will receive a large display with thin frames (diagonal 49 mm), a round button on one of the faces, a microphone, a speaker, and another button (it is assumed that it is used in multitasking mode). Earlier it was reported that the Apple Watch Pro will be equipped with a “large capacity” battery with a low power consumption mode and a durable titanium case.

It's too early to talk about the watch's potential successon the market. Users may not like the large size of the device, as well as the price comparable to flagship smartphones: according to leaks, the Apple Watch Pro will cost from $900 to $1000 at the start of sales.

Image from 91mobiles website