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Depression of parents negatively affects children's health

Depression is a condition directly related topoor mood, low self-esteem, fatigue and lack of vitality. Recent studies by scientists have revealed a link between stress and despondency, which together can significantly reduce the quality of life of a child if his parents are prone to illness.

Depression in parents can make it harder for children to live a healthy life

Why are children of depressed parents obese?

Clinical Psychologists are convincedthat caring for needy parents may be one of the best ways to help children. It is vital for the child to have supportive parents in order to be able to make changes in their lifestyle, especially if the child is obese.

In addition, the parental behavior patternsignificantly affects the choice of lifestyle that the child subsequently chooses for himself. If in the family both parents are at enmity with each other, then they do not have the energy left to provide their own child with the necessary emotional support that the child and especially the teenager need.

According to the National Statistics Center, more33 percent of children and children in adolescence are overweight and obese. According to, previous studies have shown that overweight children have poorer quality of life than their normal weight peers.

Childhood obesity is often directly related to the emotional state of the child

During the study, specialists examined 96overweight children and their parents, taking into account a combination of factors, such as: mental health, emotional well-being, academic performance and social status. It was important for scientists to confirm the presence or absence of a relationship between depression, bullying, or the well-being of parents with their child's quality of life. Children whose parents had difficulty tended to have a significantly lower overall quality of life score. Scientists are convinced that one of the ways to a low quality of life is associated with experienced depression in childhood. Even if one of the parents suffers from this disease, the child is also prone to the manifestation of symptoms of a mental disorder.

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Specialists in the field of pediatrics note that inWhen talking with children about existing problems with being overweight, the main motive for encouraging children to confront problems is not their state of health and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Often, children are motivated only by the emerging threat of violence from one of the parents, in the event that the family is not prosperous. In other words, a child is only able to assess risks when they speak the language that his parents taught him.

The mental health of children is closely related to the emotional health of parents

Solving emotional and psychological problemsParenting is a key part to solving problems with children and teens. Scientists also believe that in the event of emotional changes, symptoms of depression in children, it is necessary to contact psychologists who help to find an approach to communication with peers, as well as to identify the common cause of emotional depression.