Dentists have figured out how to ease the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome

More recently, we wrote about the unusuala disorder of the nervous system that cannot be treated - Tourette’s syndrome. About 10 children out of 1000 suffer from this disease and they have involuntary twitching on their faces, shouting of swear words and uncontrolled movements of their hands. Scientists believe that the cause of this unusual disease lies in heredity, but they still have not come up with an effective method of treatment. It would seem that neurologists and doctors of related specialization should deal with this disease, but, to everyone's surprise, the method of dealing with the symptoms of Tourette's syndrome was invented by Japanese dentists.

Both children and adults suffer from Tourette’s syndrome, but there are no accurate statistics.

As a rule, today the treatment of Tourette’s syndromeIt is a blocking of the “hormone of happiness” of dopamine with the help of various drugs, because this hormone is especially active in patients. Also, some doctors prescribe electrostimulation of the brain and psychotherapy to patients, but all these methods of dealing with involuntary tics do not help to cope with the symptoms to the end. However, a method invented by Japanese dentists from the Osaka University Dental Clinic was able to significantly reduce the intensity of speech and motor tics in 22 patients.

How to get rid of Tourette syndrome?

Volunteers were asked to wear a tooth splint,which dentists usually prescribe to straighten crooked teeth or treat gnashing of teeth during sleep. To the researchers ’surprise, immediately after putting on the tires, people with Tourette’s syndrome immediately became calm and practically did not twitch their faces. Before donning tires, volunteers rated the frequency of involuntary ticks on a 60-point scale by an average of 15 points. After putting on the tires, they lowered the average score to 8 points.

By the way, recently dentists for the first time in history have grown tooth enamel

Looking at these numbers, it might seem thatthe symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome have not weakened as much as we would have liked. However, in the video below, the difference between the frequency of involuntary ticks before and after putting on the tires is striking. You may notice that patients almost instantly find peace and their faces relax.

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Dentists noted that the younger the patientthe better the result. What exactly is associated with the soothing effect of dental tires, they still can not explain. At the moment, they have two assumptions. The first is that the calming effect can be associated with a placebo - a phenomenon when the patient inspires himself that the tool helps him get rid of the disease. The second is the possible effect of tires on nerve endings that send inhibitory signals to the islet region of the cerebral hemispheres, which is especially active in people with Tourette’s syndrome.

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