Demonstrated the capabilities of the Unity engine version 2019.3 (2 videos)

Unity Technologies, presented atown YouTube channel a short video showing the capabilities of the updated Unity engine. A 7-minute short film was called The Heretic (Heretic).

Demo made withusing the standard version of Unity 2019.3, is intended to introduce viewers to the capabilities of the engine. One of the most important tasks for developers was the creation of a realistic image of a person.

The appearance of the protagonist is spelled out with amazingthoroughness. On the character's face you can see the smallest details, right down to the pores of the skin and facial wrinkles. Combined techniques using a combination of 2D and 3D scanning were used to generate textures.

The demo, available on YouTube at only 30 fps, demonstrates visual effects using VFX Graph and High Definition Render Pipeline technologies.