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Dell XPS 13 9370 - Review of the updated laptop superior competitors

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Released in 2015, the first XPS 13 so farRemains a good laptop. However, over time, its design began to grow old, and Dell decided to upgrade it. I tested two versions of the Dell XPS 13 9370 - for $ 1199 (69,000 p.) With a Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD and a 1080p screen, and also for $ 1899 (110 000 p.) With a Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD and 4K-display.

Let's see if they are still the best in their breed?

  • Laptop redesign
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • 1080p and 4K screen
  • Speakers and sound quality
  • CPU and performance
  • Fast SSD
  • Non-gaming equipment
  • Powerful battery
  • Omnipresent McAfee
  • Should I buy?
  • Dell XPS 13 9370 redesign

    My XPS 13 9370 was in the body color - pinkgold, with a white textured fiberglass surface, which strongly distinguishes it from its predecessors. The material used is harder than the black version, its woven texture is not only visible, but also tangible.

    The case of the new XPS 13 feels more flexible than in older models. I prefer the black version, however, the white version looks more premium.

    Connectivity options have also changed here. Of the ports there are 3 × USB-C 3.1, two of which are Thunderbolt 3, a combined 3.5 mm audio and a slot for MicroSD. The package includes a USB-C to USB-A adapter for connecting older devices.

    Wireless connections include 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi adapter - with built-in load balancing, which, according to Dell, helps smooth the performance when watching streaming video services.

    Otherwise, the new upgrade Dell XPS 13 9370almost invisible. The maximum thickness of the ultrabook is 11.7 mm, and the weight is 1.21 kg. The shape of the case also has not changed - it is still a wide wedge with large rubber legs on the underside. Alternatives like the MacBook Pro 13 and 13-inch Surface Book 2 are larger and heavier.

    Excellent keyboard and small touchpad

    The quality of the keyboard Dell XPS 13 9370 is one ofstrengths of the laptop. It's still the same big keyboard, but with tougher and more tactile keystrokes. Keyboard backlight is standard with two levels of brightness adjustment. On a white background, the quality of lighting is difficult to assess - the buttons are illuminated unevenly, and the light is a little dim.

    The touch panel at the XPS 13 9370 is smallcompared to other 13-inch competitors like the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, but the Dell Ultrabook has a smoother, more responsive and Windows Precision Touchpad support with lots of useful gestures.

    The webcam is located at the bottom of the display, thiscauses inconvenience during video conferencing. Compared with previous models, here it is placed in the middle of the laptop and has the best quality. The camera is compatible with Windows Hello, so you can configure the login using the face detection function.

    You can choose a 4K screen, but better 1080p

    1080p basic screen does not support touchThe panel, while the Dell XPS 13 9370 touch screen is 4K, it has a clearer image and pixel density, although with a normal viewing distance, it is invisible.

    Of course, touch control should not be an obligatory function on laptops, but I'm so used to it that I often touch the display instinctively.

    Both of the XPS 13 9370 screens I testedwork well, but I recommend sticking with the 1080p panel. Although the 4K display is sharper, 1080p shows better contrast and color accuracy. The 1080p panel also significantly increases battery life.

    You can find an alternative with the best display,for example, MacBook Pro 13 or Surface Book 2, if you prefer a wide color gamut or more accurate colors. But most people want the display to look beautiful, and in XPS 13 it is.

    Speakers and sound quality

    Dell XPS 13 speakers sound nice only whenmoderate volume of sound, but as you increase the volume, the probability of distortion also increases. In general, for a laptop of this format, the speakers give quite a decent sound.

    CPU and performance

    Dell XPS 13 9370 is equipped with a Core i5-8250U processor, which can be upgraded to Core i5-8550U. I tested both versions.

    The Geekbench 4 test shows that both versionsUltrabooks work almost equally. For example, the XPS 13 with Core i5 surpasses the Asus ZenBook UX330UA, but loses the Acer Swift 3. The XPS 13 with Core i7, meanwhile, is inferior to the 13-inch HP Specter x360, in single-core mode and ahead in multi-core mode.

    When encoding video in Handbrake, XPS13 9370 easily outdid all his peers, including the LG Gram with the Core i7-8550U. Dell's Core i5 models took only 4 minutes and 10 seconds to drive off the Elysium 4K trailer, while the Core i7 version finished half a minute faster.

    Fast SSD

    Both watched Dell XPS 13 9370 modelscome with a Toshiba XG5 solid-state drive, which has a read / write speed of 1.9 GB / s and 475 MB / s, respectively. The HP Specter 13 and Samsung Notebook 9 Pen laptops outperform the XPS 13 in writing speed, but fall behind in reading speed.

    Non-gaming equipment

    All versions of the new XPS 13 come with graphics.Intel Uhd 620 integrated into the processor. This is not uncommon for a 13-inch laptop, although some competitors, like the Asus Zenbook UX331UN, are equipped with an Nvidia graphics processor. Of course, Intel UHD 620 doesn’t compare with it, but it shows poor results only in hard gaming tests.

    While competitors are gaining in the test FireStrike from 3D Mark from 900 to 1000 points, Dell laptops more than 1000 points. Again, this is all due to the cooling system, since the laptop stayed cool and worked less hard than most others in this class.

    I also launched the Rocket League to seehow ultrabook copes with the game in real time. At 1080p, with performance tuned graphics, the Core i5 showed 54 fps, while the Core i7 achieved almost the same results. Bumping with high quality graphics reduced performance to 23 fps. These are high scores for a notebook with Intel UHD 620 graphics. Less demanding games on the XPS 13 are reproduced without problems.

    Powerful battery with reduced capacity

    Dell XPS 13 9370 case size reductionaffected the quality of the keyboard or performance, however, touched the battery. The device is powered by a non-removable battery at 52 Wh, which is 8 Wh or less than the previous model.

    Although XPS 13 9370 does not show the best timeautonomy in the classroom, it is somewhere nearby. In continuous video playback mode with a 1080p display, it lasted 13 hours and 30 minutes, when with a 4K display only 10 hours and 30 minutes.

    Both models I tested surpassed the results of previous versions, despite the smaller battery.

    McAfee get out of the Dell XPS 13

    A bit shocked by the pre-installed antivirus McAfee, however, I was able to easily remove it.

    The laptop also has several useful firmware management software and a mobile connection that allows you to synchronize your smartphone with a laptop and send text messages. Not bad, but the application did not always work correctly - often it was not possible to connect to the iPhone 7 Plus via Bluetooth. But, even when the connection is stable, messages and notifications are delivered with a slight delay.


    The new Dell XPS 13 9370 is a slightly modified version of the previous model. It is as thin, fast and with good battery life, despite the reduced battery.

    I liked the $ 1199 base model more(69 000 rub.), In which the performance and battery life are perfectly balanced. Should I buy it? Yes, the XPS 13 is still the best 13-inch ultrabook you can buy.

    Are there alternatives?

    Today, 2-in-1 laptops are becomingpopular and more affordable, Dell has released the XPS 13 and in version 2-in-1. However, I recommend looking at Microsoft Surface Pro if you really want your laptop turned into a tablet.

    The HP Specter 13 and MacBook Pro 13 havebenefits, but if you prefer an old-fashioned laptop, the XPS 13 9370 would certainly be the best option. It is equipped with the latest equipment, the latest connectors for connecting, excellent display and will serve you for more than 5 years.

    Dell offers a one-year warranty against manufacturer's defects, but this is typical of any laptop, even at a price of $ 999 (p 58,000) and above.

    Benefits of Dell XPS 13 9370

    • Luxurious, modern design.
    • Excellent keyboard and touchpad.
    • Attractive display options.
    • High performance.
    • Good autonomy time with 1080p screen.

    Disadvantages of XPS 13 9370

    • The case bends when pressed.
    • Not always a touch screen.

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