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Dell G3 Review: An Inexpensive Gaming Laptop With Essential

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No one likes to compromise, but, withgaming laptops are inevitable, and in the price range below $ 1,000 ($ 63,500), these tradeoffs become even more significant. However, the Dell Inspiron 15 Series 5000 laptop was an exception and for some it became the best low-cost gaming laptop. Dell re-launched the line by changing the series name to G, which includes the G3, G5 and G7 models. I first checked out the Dell G3 laptop.

The Dell-reviewed G3 from me costs $ 850(54 000 p.), Equipped with a video card Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti and solid-state SSD-drive 128 GB. Let's find out how much the Dell G3 is a gaming laptop?

  • Dell G3 Design
  • Dull display
  • Speaker sound
  • Performance and SSD
  • GTX 1050 Ti video card
  • Battery life
  • Warranty and Alternatives
  • Should I buy?
  • Dell G3 Design

    Dell is known for its advanced notebook design. Particularly impressive is the Dell G7, which comes in white. Unfortunately, not many of his style elements have shifted to the less expensive G3. Four different shades of blue are viewed between the lid, the Dell logo, the backlit keys and the optional keypad.

    Dell G3 has a pretty wide frame arounddisplay that give it an outdated aesthetic. However, what is lacking in style, G3 compensates for the build quality. The plastic chassis is securely reinforced in all the right places, and the durable hinge allows you to open and close the cover even with one finger.

    15-inch laptop with a weight of 2.5 kg and thickness2.25 cm is not as portable as the XPS 15 or Razer Blade, but significantly smaller than the previous model. G3 is quite mobile to fit in a backpack, but not enough to overlook it at all.

    Keyboard on Dell laptops have always been goodthought out. However, despite the pleasant tactile pressing, here the keyboard can not be considered gaming. Although the keys are fairly well arranged, but for more convenience I would prefer to remove the additional block and slightly increase the size of the main one. But the backlight color is bright and uniform.

    The touchpad of the Dell G3 trackpad is also not exactlyaccurate, this is especially noticeable in more detailed work, for example, when choosing a text The trackpad has support for Windows Precision drivers for gestures with a few touches. The manufacturer also deleted the physical buttons of the touchpad, I think many gamers will not like it.

    G3 is equipped with an Ethernet port, HDMI, slot forSD cards and a variety of USB-A connectors for peripheral devices. But even his predecessor had a USB-C, besides the Thunderbolt 3 port is also missing here.

    Dull display

    Low cost gaming laptops are notorioustheir bad screens. Unfortunately, the Dell G3 is no exception. The most glaring problem of the G3 display is its color, where it shows 62% of the sRGB color space and only 46 Adobe RGB. The result is a rather dull, poorly saturated screen that is not suitable for photo editing or graphic design.

    In games, the screen has a bad color, thoughnoticeable, but not very distracting, however, dullness makes the gameplay more gloomy. Of course, this does not greatly affect the games, but it is worth understanding that most gaming laptops worth $ 1000 (63,500 p.) Do not have such problems.

    Nevertheless, the G3 screen is quite bright, sharp and has good viewing angles.

    Speaker sound

    The internal speakers of the Dell G3 are another aspect of this budget notebook, which will be underused by gamers who prefer high-quality headphones or external speakers.

    Performance and SSD

    Dell G3 gaming laptop has a 45-wattIntel Core i5-8300H processor, which is usually found on low-end gaming systems like this one. It is not the most efficient processor in the world, but it is a huge improvement over the 7th generation chip of its predecessors.

    Due to the significant increasemulti-core, G3 can better handle multi-threaded software, including games that are programmed using quad-core chips.

    I recoded 4K video to the Dell G3 in the Handbrake app in just 3 minutes 30 seconds, which is 1.5 minutes faster than the Razer Blade Stealth ultrabook.

    Laptop G3 comes with 8 GB of RAM, which is enough. The memory is removable, but the only slot does not allow installing additional strips.

    As for the internal memory, Dell offersSeveral variants. For $ 680 (43,100 p.) You can buy a version with a large but slow drive. I have not tested it, but I think that it will not work faster than a standard solid-state drive.

    I tested the Dell G3 is equipped with SSD SS HynixSATA capacity of 128 GB, which has an average read / write speed of 500/209 MB / s, respectively. Nevertheless, the SSD SS Hynix SATA on the G3 is not as big and fast as can be found in more expensive gaming systems.

    Both disks are removable, they can be replaced.

    GTX 1050 Ti video card

    When buying a laptop for $ 800 (50 700 p.) a logical question arises, is it possible to play games comfortably on it? And I do not mean the Rocket League, but really serious games. Fortunately, all the trade-offs in design, storage, and display helped Dell keep the price low and performance high.

    In the center of the graphics performance here -Nvidia GTX GeForce 1050 Ti, which is a good solution for a budget gaming laptop. Games on the Dell G3 are played very quickly. Battlefield 1 at maximum settings showed 60 fps, the same goes for Fortnite.

    It's nice to see how responsive the gameplay is in resource-intensive games, especially when response time is crucial.

    Battery life

    You should not expect excellent battery life from a gaming laptop, Dell G3. Even high-end models, like the Alienware 17 R5 max, offer less than 4 hours without recharging.

    The G3, with its 56 watt battery, best showedyourself during the test looping 1080p video playback at a screen brightness of 100 lux. In it, the device lasted 5 hours and 43 minutes. When streaming video over the Internet, G3 worked for 5 hours and 18 minutes, which is not bad for a gaming laptop.

    If you need a gaming laptop with day battery life, you'll have to buy something like a Razer Blade.

    Dell G3 Warranty and Alternatives

    Dell offers the G3 with a one-year warranty that is the standard for almost all major laptop makers (except Apple).

    At this price you can find some gaming laptops. The version of HP Omen for $ 900 (57 100 p.), However, without SSD. The same is offered by Asus TUF Gaming FX504.

    You can also consider your own modifications of Dell - G5 and G7, with other configurations of graphics processors and storage options, at a price of just over $ 1,000 ($ 63,500).


    The Dell G3 is not perfect, but it's the best in itscategories. The tradeoffs that Dell offers for high performance and low cost do not affect usability, which is very important. The only area where the tradeoff is felt is excessive is the display.

    Nevertheless, the G3 is the best gaming laptop in its price range.

    Should I buy?

    Definitely yes. Among gaming laptops worth up to $ 1,000 ($ 63,500), the Dell G3 is the best option.

    Dell G3 Benefits

    • Worthy build quality.
    • Thin and light.
    • Good performance.
    • Excellent battery life.

    G3 Disadvantages

    • Mediocre SSD drive.
    • Display colors are dull and inaccurate.

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