DeepMind Artificial Intelligence defeated people at Quake III Arena

DeepMind AI continuessurprise - after defeating a man in the board game and real-time strategy StarCraft II, he demonstrated his power in the Quake III Arena shooter. The competition between professional cybersportsmen and a computer was held in the "capture the flag" mode, where teams are required to capture the enemy flag and bring it to their base. After training in 450 thousand training rounds, artificial intelligence began to defeat real people.

The computer began to show itsexcellence after 250 thousand training sessions - playing against cybersportsmen, he began to seize 16 flags more. At the very beginning of the experiment, virtual players made random movements, but then they began to develop winning strategies. Their tactics gradually changed - if at first they concentrated on capturing the enemy flag, then they began to defend their own.

Artificial intelligence was better than people.

The researchers calculated that to respond tothe appearance of the enemy, aiming and firing computer players spent 258 milliseconds, while people required 559 milliseconds. In order for the computer to stop making almost instant shots, the response of artificial intelligence was reduced to the human level, but even under such conditions it turned out to be stronger.

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Quake III Arena - a game that requiresteam interaction, and a new study has proven that artificial intelligence is well on the shoulder. The publication of The New York Times believes that the skills that it acquires in multiplayer games, will be useful in robotics and cars. For example, the autonomous control system in the future will be able to learn to better cope with driving on roads with heavy traffic.

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Learn more about the behavior of artificial intelligence.DeepMind in complex games can be read in our material about his victory over people in StarCraft II. After this event, cybersportsmen and other experts shared their views on the work of the DeepMind system.

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