Dedicated USB Type-C cable to help hack MacBook Pro (2 videos)

MacBook computers, oh high degreethe security of which developers from Apple claim can be effectively hacked using a copy of a special proprietary USB Type-C debugging cable. The hacking technique was developed and demonstrated by a team that announced a week ago that it had found an unrecoverable vulnerability in the Apple T2 security chip. Now experts have shown in practice how you can root-access the latest MacBook laptops.

Jailbreak MacBook Pro Posted on Community Blogt8012. The video demonstrates how the exploit causes the computer to shutdown after connecting a special upgraded USB Type-C cable. Then the laptop is put into DFU mode, checkra1n is launched and access to SSH (Secure Shell), a protocol that allows remote control of the OS, is provided.

The second video shows that the attack was carried outsuccessfully. This is demonstrated by showing a redesigned Apple logo that appears at boot time. The attack is carried out using software and a cable similar to the special USB Type-C cable used by Apple's field engineers. These cables provide access to the debug pins in the USB connector.

The clone of the debug cable shown in the video,dubbed Bonobo and can be used in conjunction with checkra1n exploits to carry out attacks. Using the exploit, it is also possible to replace the EFI device and load the keylogger, since the MacBook keyboard is directly connected to the T2 security chip.

Checkra1n security team,announced that the modified cable may soon go on public sale. Thus, all Mac models with a T2 chip may be vulnerable. These are computers released after 2018 and iPhones that have an A10 processor with a T2 chip. However, given that jailbreak requires physical access to the device, MacBook owners should simply restrict unauthorized access to their devices.

Source: appleinsider