Declassified the price of new processors Dimensity 1000 5G from MediaTek (2 photos)

After the recent presentation of the new lineMediaTek's innovative chipsets released under the Dimensity 1000 5G brand have won world leadership in several respects at once, and is currently considered the best processor supporting 5G technology. The chips are manufactured using 7nm technology and use the latest achievements of ARM. Now the cost of flagship processors has revealed.

Among the technical characteristics of Dimensity 1000 5GThe following can be distinguished. The eight-core processor has two clusters of 4 cores Cortex-A77 (2.6 GHz) and Cortex-A55 (2.0 GHz), a Mali-G77 MP9 video processor. The AI ​​Processing Unit is responsible for working with artificial intelligence. Support is also provided for 5G networks, with a data transfer rate of up to 4.7 Gb / s.

The cost of the processor will be rather big, but atCompared with previous MediaTek chips, a gigantic technological breakthrough has been made. According to analysts, the price of Dimensity 1000 5G processors will fluctuate around the level of $ 60, which is twice the cost of its predecessors. Also, the price is 20% ($ 10) higher than analysts' forecasts made earlier.

Despite the high cost, manufacturers underforce will be released 5G smartphones flagship series at prices not exceeding $ 500. In addition, information appeared that by mid-2020 MediaTek will begin production of 5G processors of the middle price category, the cost of which will reach $ 35.

By the end of next year, a processor withsupport for 5G networks at a price of 25 to 30 dollars and designed for budget smartphones in the price category up to 285 dollars. The Redmi CEO has already announced the brand’s plans to introduce a Dimensity 1000 5G smartphone in 2020, and experts have suggested it will be a Redmi K30 Pro 5G model.