Declassified American "Hellfire" for the individual destruction of opponents (3 photos)

US use of precision weapons,designed to defeat a specific person, it was discovered by journalists of American publications. Secret missiles AGM-114R9X Hellfire ("Hellfire") are designed to destroy a specific enemy without causing damage to surrounding people, among which there may be civilians.

During a secret mission in Syria at the beginningDecember 2019, a minivan was hit by similar weapons through the roof. Journalists have identified the working part of the device with hinged blades. The Hellfire project is a highly classified development by military engineers. However, according to experts' estimates, the weapons used in Syria did not carry explosives, but used 6 hinged blades in the head part, which were most likely to be thrown out at the last moment before the collision with a target. In a radius of 3.5 feet, all the enemy’s manpower is affected.

It’s now known that precision,surgical ”, the Hellfire project weapon uses several types of shells, including those with low-explosive substances, as well as those used in Syria - that hit the target with rotating blade swords. High-precision missiles are launched from unmanned aerial vehicles.

Source: Feed / Twitter