Debit card from Google (4 photos)

Payment systems are integrating deeper withInternet technologies that enable fast, low-cost payments worldwide, taking advantage of advanced technology. Google, already capturing the contactless payment market with its Google Pay platform, continues to actively expand its customer experience.

According to insiders, Google is developingtheir own debit cards, which will compete with similar Apple Pay cards from Apple Pay. According to information leaked to the network, a Google map will be issued together with the Visa payment system, but wider coverage of financial markets with the involvement of Mastercard and other platforms is not excluded.

As bank debit card partnersGoogle will be represented by Citi, Stanford Federal Credit Union and other financial organizations. Both options for distributing the map are provided: both physical and virtual views. The card will be associated with the user’s account on Google and will allow you to pay customer expenses on the Internet using a smartphone or using a physical card in stores.

For working with debit cards Google willa special application has been created where the owner can get acquainted with the state of the account, check the balance, withdraw money, replenish the account, transfer funds to another user. It is assumed that the Google Card will become the physical basis for Google Pay.

The timing of the launch of a new financial product from the high-tech giant has not yet been announced. Representatives of the corporation are only hinting at a presentation in the coming months.

Source: TechCrunch