Dasung launches external E-ink display designed for use with smartphones

Dasung has released an interesting product - the device is an external E-ink display,

designed for use with smartphones.The Dasung Link E-ink screen displays the screen of the paired smartphone and makes it look like an image on a piece of paper. The 6.7-inch novelty was made in two colors - blue and gray. The screen itself is housed in an 8 mm thick aluminum alloy case. The manufacturer claims that the connection between the screen and the smartphone gives almost no delay, which allows you to use it for comfortable reading. The model provides an image with a density of 300 ppi, does not emit light, does not have a stroboscopic effect. All elements on the screen can be controlled both in the direct version and in reverse, when the control is carried out on a smartphone. The device is available in both wired and wireless versions. The novelty is estimated at 1799 yuan ($258).