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Damegi 4G ninja suit for gamer with individual life support system (2 photos)

Modern gamers during hours of onlinebattles subject their body to cruel tests. In addition to round-the-clock monitoring of the monitor screen, the players are rigidly tied to their "workplace" and do not have the opportunity to tear themselves away from the game battles for snacks or hygiene procedures. Professional eSports athletes like surgeons, climbers or truckers use adult diapers during important competitions. Japanese-based accessories and computer furniture manufacturer Bauhutte recently came to the rescue of gamers with the original Damegi 4G suit - a cross between work uniform and nightwear.

Bauhutte is known for its unconventionalapproach to the problems of fans of computer games. In the first months of the pandemic, the company's engineers developed a set of furniture that allows the gamer to create a kind of "nest" around his bed.

New from Bauhutte called Damegi 4GIndoor Pajama Jumpsuit is a warm indoor pajamas imitating a ninja suit. The suit completely covers the player's body, leaving only a small gap in the upper part for the eyes, allowing the gamer to control the gaming situation on the screen. One of the main purposes of the suit is to warm up the gamer who does not leave his seat for many hours in a row during grueling gaming sessions.

Bauhutte designers provided in the Damegi suit4G system to quickly meet natural needs. For this, a special Drop Seat System 6.0 is designed, which is a horizontal zipper placed at the back of the suit at hip level. Using an innovative system, a gamer will be able to quickly satisfy his natural needs without taking off his overalls and continue to fight in the virtual world. The cost of such a suit on Amazon is about 10,500 yen, or a little less than $ 100.

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