CX Air Dynamics Trousers with Integrated Airbag (Video)

Motorcyclists are at constant riskget seriously injured. Engineers from leading companies strive to develop original safety equipment for extreme transport enthusiasts. One of the most promising types of protection on modern highways is the airbag system, which takes the hit in case of accidents.

Previously offered options for motorcyclistsairbags built into jackets to protect the upper torso. However, according to statistics, it is the lower limbs of extreme sports that are prone to injury and require increased protection. French startup CX Air Dynamics is launching a fundraising project on the European crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank to produce "the world's first trousers with built-in airbags for motorcyclists."

The working principle of the special protective accessory,which is worn over casual wear, is to quickly fill the special trouser with compressed air in a collision. The can of air is put in a pocket and a short wire connects it to the motorcycle.
Developed by CX Air Dynamics will be able toto reliably protect the lower limbs of the motorcyclist in an accident and at the same time does not interfere with daily tasks. The only problem can be the forgetfulness of a motorcyclist who has not unfastened the cord from the vehicle after a trip. The user will then simply test the idle operation of his security system.

Protective trousers made of impervious toair material, which can be a problem when traveling in hot countries. CX Air Dynamics offers three different sizes of emergency trousers and promises, upon successful fundraising, delivery of the first samples as early as March 2021. The crowdfunding price is 375 euros, and when entering the retail market, the cost of safety pants will increase to 500 euros.

Source: kisskissbankbank