Cubot X30 - Wonder Yudo with five rear cameras

In the Cubot company store on Aliexpress, a strange Cubot X30 smartphone with five rear cameras was drawn. About these cameras, however, almost nothing is known except the fact of their existence.

There was no official announcement of the device yet. On social networks, too, complete silence - not a hint, not a half hint. To be honest, I have no firm confidence that the Cubot X30 exists or will ever exist. And if it does, then I'm not at all sure that its characteristics will be exactly as it is now shown on Aliexpress.

Let's start with the cameras. Frontal - 32 MP. Rear - five pieces. The main resolution is 48 MP. Not a word is said about the other five. What they are, why they are - it is not clear.

Iron. Chipset MediaTek Helio P60 born in 2018. Two years ago it was a good average level. Now it’s rather budget. But about one hundred and fifty thousand points in AnTuTu will gain. You can live, although there will be problems with heavy toys.

But with memory, everything is very good. At least with its quantity. 6 or 8 GB of RAM, 128 or 256 GB of flash memory. Nothing is said about memory card support.

Large screen diagonal 6.4 ″ with a small neat hole for the front camera. Resolution FHD + (it seems to be 1080 × 2310, 398 ppi). Nothing is said about the type of matrix. Probably IPS. Judging by the official drawing, the frames are very narrow, and from all four sides. Is it really so - it's hard to say.

Medium-capacity battery, 4200 mAh.

Declared NFC support. There is no normal 3.5 mm audio output. It seems that there is a fingerprint scanner, but it is not clear where exactly it is located. He is not visible from behind. Perhaps on the side face.

Three colors are declared. Black, blue, gradient green. Which one is shown in the official drawing - try to guess for yourself. Hardly green.

Price. $ 238.58 (₽16900) for version 6 + 128 GB and $ 280.69 (₽19900) for 8 + 128 GB. Estimated delivery time is July 18th.

Main features of Cubot X30:

Screen S-IPS, 6.4 ″, 1080 × 2310, 398 ppi, 16M colors, touch, capacitive, multi-touch, FHD +
IronMediaTek Helio P60
4 x Cortex-A73, 4 x Cortex-A53, Mali-G72 MP3
Memory RAM 6–8 GB, ROM 128–256 GB
Mobile Internet LTE
Mobile networks LTE Bands 1-5,7,8,12,13,17-20,25,26,28,38,40,41,66
UMTS Bands 1 (2100), 8 (900)
GSM Bands 2 (1900), 3 (1800), 5 (850), 8 (900)
Battery Li-Ion, 4200 mAh
Rear Camera: Penta, Flash, Auto Focus

- 48 MP

- ?? MP

- ?? MP

- ?? MP

- ?? MP
front camera: 32 MP, no flash, no autofocus
Navigation GPS
OS Android 10
SensorsFingerprint Scanner, NFC
USBType-C v2.0

George Kiselyov