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Cryptocurrency support may be added to Google Pay

Throughout 2021, the Google Pay platformexperienced the most severe shocks among Google services. With the aim of ending all the turmoil associated with the launch of a new application format in the US and the departure of several top executives from the division, Google is hiring Arnold Goldberg, a former chief architect of PayPal products, as the new head of the platform. The result of personnel changes can be not only the normalization of the platform, but also the introduction of cryptocurrency support in Google Pay.

According to Bloomberg, another formerPayPal employee, now Google's commercial director, Bill Ready believes that Google Pay should become a full-fledged digital wallet in which you can store digital coins, airline tickets and vaccination passports. Tickets and a COVID vaccination passport are already part of Google Pay.

Google Pay management notes that cryptocurrencythere is already a lot of attention, and its implementation will occur as demand from users grows. The issue of introducing cryptocurrency to the Google Pay payment platform is being worked out with such leading cryptocurrency companies as the Coinbase crypto exchange and the BitPay service that provide card storage.

Source: arstechnica