Cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $ 1 trillion

In the first ten days of January 2020, the total marketthe capitalization of the cryptocurrency market for the first time in history exceeded $ 1 trillion. The main digital asset, Bitcoin, whose price reached $ 41,000 during the storming of the Capitol, occupies the lion's share of the virtual currency market with a capitalization of about $ 700 billion.

Along with bitcoin, the rapidgrowth of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, Ethereum (Ether), the price of which increased to $ 1,300, and capitalization to $ 153 billion. The top five leaders of the cryptocurrency market also include the stablecoin Tether, tightly pegged to the dollar (capitalization $ 24.4 billion), Litecoin - $ 11 billion, and Bitcoin Cash - $ 8 billion.

Bitcoin legendary founder Satoshi Nakamototoday, he is the owner of almost 1 million bitcoins, which were mined in the first two years after the launch of the bitcoin network, when its value was measured in cents. If Satoshi had sold all his bitcoins today, he would have entered the top 40 richest people in the world with a capital of over $ 40 billion. However, Nakamoto has never revealed his real identity or communicated publicly since 2014.

By the owners of large capitals in bitcoinsThere are also twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who founded the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange and became the first official Bitcoin billionaires. The brothers acquired about 1% of all bitcoins issued at that time in 2013 and by 2017 their capital was estimated at $ 1.3 billion. Taking into account the growth of the peak value of the price of bitcoin since 2017, almost doubled, today the capital of the twins could be close to three billion.

Source: arstechnica