Cruise introduced the unmanned electric minibus Origin (3 photos + video)

Along with fully automated taxis, forurban transport, car manufacturers are simultaneously developing more capacious means of transport, designed to carry more passengers. Cruise, a division of General Motors, together with Honda engineers, presented an Origin minibus fully equipped for launching in mass production, equipped with an automatic control system that does not provide any visible elements for manual driving in the car.

The shuttle-like Origin is equipped withsliding doors that open along the body, which provides additional security for passing bikers. A minibus is designed for traveling on high-speed motorways.
Interior design is enoughspacious - the seats face each other and an individual USB port is connected to each of them. Displays are installed above the seats on which passengers receive information about the course of the trip.

The main feature of Origin is its completelack of controls - steering wheel and pedals. The on-board central computer is responsible for all operations during the trip, while passengers are completely deprived of the opportunity to intervene in the control of the car.

At present, management assuresCruise, the electric car is fully prepared for launch in mass production. However, one should not expect a quick exit to the Origin tracks, since the design of the car does not comply with US federal standards known as FMVSS, which impose certain requirements on the design, performance and durability of cars.

Minibus Origin able to overcome 1.6 millionkm without major repairs, which ensures its low unit cost. Nevertheless, to start the industrial production of electric minibuses, long work with regulators will be required to obtain the necessary certificates and permits. So far, such cars will run in the enclosed spaces of General Motors and on the Honda campus outside the United States.

Source: TechCrunch