Crello is an advanced online graphics and video editor

The quarantine has changed us all - and this is already official. It seemed that methodically delivering cool content in such conditions is an unbearable and impossible task. But then something clicked.

Everyone knows that restrictions are the ideal environment forcreativity. When communication finally turned to hard online, we reviewed the conditions and tasks: all that was unnecessary fell away, all that was needed was strengthened. Noisy flies and smoke breaks are gone - there are concentrated brain storms and clear targets without husks.

It turned out that in this mode, come up with ideas andbeautifully pack them quite real. And even faster and less power. We began to use services more actively: Zoom, Miro, Asana. It's all about the case - you are not sprayed.

This transformation is best seen by working withimages for social networks, newsletters and blogs - and others too. It has become even clearer that creating a picture or video is faster (and more convenient) in Crello - I did it myself and just simply invited my colleagues to evaluate it. The coordination stage has dropped off, there has been less fuss and more time.

Why Crello will replace your designer

As it was before? To make a cover or video for an article, advertisement, newsletter or post, you had to call a designer each time. Later:

explain the task → wait →
get a draft → say what needs to be fixed → wait →
say again, what to fix → wait →
get the final version.

Even the simplest task became a pain in the ass.

Like now? Even if there is a designer in the team, there is no need to pile small tasks on him and suffer together. Let him simply approve the general concept, choose the basic templates, fonts, colors - and periodically check ready-made content in order to understand that everything is exactly in order.

That is, if the content team and marketers needmake another visual for advertising or an article - they just go to Crello, select a template of the desired style and format, edit it and that’s it. If something seems to be wrong, a link is thrown to the designer - he goes into the file and quickly finishes it. A few minutes instead of a few hours or days.

If the team does not have a designer at all, and tasks of average creative complexity, you can not look for a designer at all. You will definitely deal with them yourself with Crello.

What is in Crello

Crello uses the online image editor 3 million people Worldwide. Every day they create more than 30 thousand designs - static, animated and with video.

At your fingertips:

● 30,000+ templates
● 10,000+ design elements
● 500,000 premium images in the internal library
● 140,000,000 stock photos
● 32,000+ videos and animations
● text and image animation tools
● 250+ embedded fonts

In the collection - templates for 50+ formats forsocial networks, web, advertising and print. For example, there are all formats for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, VK - from publications to banners and covers, - formats for newsletters, blogs and presentations.

Content can be created in the browser version of the editor or applications on iOS or Android.

Most designs are available for free atFree tariff, it is activated immediately after registration. If you want to use Crello without restrictions (download works made in premium templates, fully work with video and animation), you need to switch to PRO. By the way, for readers of the 24 gadget Crello promised 30% off.

You can upload your content - images, videos, fonts - with a couple of clicks. Your files are uploaded to your personal folder and always available (you just need to log in to your account).

The collection of templates in Crello is constantly updated. There are compositions with photographs, vector, flat and not only minimalist, in the style of brutalism, romantic, official. Which you can think of.

For each significant event, the team addsNew templates in main formats. For example, under quarantine, we made a series of designs about self-isolation - you type COVID-19 in the search and you see everything new on this topic.

In general, the search here is a mega-convenient thing: you drive the right word on the main one and you get several pages with templates for this keyword.

If you’re completely plugged in with inspiration, there is a page “Design Ideas” - and there you can walk into categories. By the way, search and categorization are also in the editor window.

How Crello will help SMM

Crello constantly adds new tools and templates - and all this at times facilitates the work of SMM-managers.

If you need to quickly make a story or video fortapes, gash a situational meme or make some creative for advertising - our designer will definitely help. There is just a sea of ​​blanks, tips and inspiration.

But Crello will save not only in those moments when "II grieve, you burn, everything around burns ”- in a quiet time, it will also come in handy. For example, when thoughtfully preparing a content plan or making advertising creatives for different audiences in the normal mode.

And Crello helps you understand SMM subtleties so that every step is accurate. We recently launched SMM Crello School on YouTube, where important topics are laid out in short modules on shelves:

● how to analyze the audience
● How to set up ads
● what is a content plan
● How to come up with creatives for social networks
● and much more.

The modules are read by expert practitioners - Roman KumarVias (founder of the marketing agency Qmarketing), Julia Magas (PR-director of the platform for working with bloggers EPICSTARS), blogger Tanya Starikova and others.

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