Created vibropult to control the dog (video)

It turns out to effectively manage the behaviordogs can not only voice, but also with the help of a new development. Israeli engineers have presented their invention, consisting of a vest and a remote control that allows you to transfer commands to the dog. The developers demonstrated the novelty at the IEEE World Haptics Conference 2019. The concept of the device operation is similar to the classical methods of dog training.

Main difference: commands are given not by the trainer's voice, but by vibrations. In this case, the dog also appears conditioned reflex, forcing her to fulfill the requirements. So, the vest created by engineers from Israel is put on the dog, and the person picks up the remote. The vest has 4 vibration motors connected to a special microcontroller. He receives signals from the console. Say, having felt the continuous vibration of the vibration motor, located in front and to the right, the animal realizes that it should turn around. And in the case of pulsation - will go back. It was found that dogs obey their voice worse than vibrations: the effectiveness of the techniques is 83% versus 93%.

Source: IEEE World Haptics Conference 2019